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Dr. Tamás Kovács
Former Prosecutor General,
Honorary Associate Professor 

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Dr. Tamás KOVÁCS, born on 13th December 1940, earned a law degree in 1983 and a degree in political science in 1984.

In 1965 he became a military prosecutor, in 1986 he was appointed to Chief of the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Budapest, and then in 1990 he was promoted by the President of the Republic to major general and appointed Deputy Prosecutor General and Military Chief Prosecutor.

On 9th October 2006 upon the proposal of the President of the Republic, the Parliament elected him to Prosecutor General.

In his theoretical works he initially specialized in military discipline and military criminal matters, military criminology, organizational aspects of military justice, later he thoroughly dealt with the organization and the functions of prosecution service’s, the judicial reform, the cooperation between prosecution services and issues of legal aid cases, on the criminal procedure and the problems of the publicity, legal instruments dealing with the fight against corruption and international crime.

He teaches at the Faculty of Law and State of the University of Pécs, is honorary associate professor of the Police Academy and member of the State Examination Board of Law.

Between 2002 and December 2010 he was the vice-president of the Hungarian Lawyers Association. He is the honorary chairman of the Hungarian Society for Military Law and the Law of War, and the honorary member of the U.S. Court of Military Appeals, and the US Army JAG Corps.

He received numerous awards and honours: in 1998 he was awarded with the Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, in 2002 he received the Grand Cross of the Order of Military of the Brazilian General Public Prosecutor Office and in 2005 was awarded by the President of the USA with ‘The Legion of Merit’.

He was participant in many significant conferences:
He participated in the usual conferences of the European chief prosecutors and prosecutors of the EU, also in the Second and Third World Summit of Attorneys General, Prosecutors General and Chief Prosecutors, furthermore in the Prosecutor’s International Forum (Budapest, 2008) titled ”The fight against transnational organized crime”, in the Conference held in Budapest (2008) titled ”The global fight against corruption and money laundering”, in the Conference (Munich, 2008) titled ”Corruption and Criminal Law”. At the Second IAACA Seminar he also held a lecture.

From 1991 to the end of the programme series in 2000, as the only representative of Central and Eastern Europe he was regularly invited to and actively participated in the military criminal conferences organized by the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

He gave lectures for the lecturers at US Army JAG School, delivered a speech at the 2001 year Congress of the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War on Rhodes and at the 1999 and 2004 year symposiums of the Turkish Court of Military Appeals.

His lectures were heard at significant national and international prosecutorial events as well as at the events of the Hungarian Lawyers Association. Upon the invitation of the Soros Foundation in June 2000, as a guest lecturer, he participated in the training course organized for Latvian military and police lawyers in Riga.

In 1993 he organized the 1st Budapest International Military Criminal Law Conference. The international interest for the unique in Europe biennial event is steadily growing; there are returning participants from all over the world. The 10th Conference was held in 2010.







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