Members in 2022



Dr. Péter Polt     Prosecutor General
Prosecution Service of Hungary

Dr. Ervin Belovics   Counsellor at the Office of the Prosecutor General, Deputy Prosecutor General for Criminal Cases
Prosecution Service of Hungary

Dr. János Balog   Police Lieutenant General, Comissioner of Police National Police Headquarters, hief counsellor of police
National Police Headquarters

Dr. Gergely Deli   Rector
National University of Public Service

Dr. Ákos Farkas    Professor
University of Miskolc, Department of Criminal Procedure and Prison Law

Dr. József Hatala    Lieutenant General, President
National Council of Crime Prevention

Dr. Ferenc Irk   Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor emeritus,
Former Scientific Advisor,

National Institute of Criminology

Dr. habil. Éva Kereszty    Associate Professor, Head of Department
University of Szeged, Forensic Science Institute

Dr. László Korinek            Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Gábor Kovács   Police Br. General, Dean, chief counsellor of police
National University of Public Service, Faculty of Law Enforcement

Dr. Miklós Lévay    Former Constitutional Court Judge, Professor
Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law

Károly Papp   Secretary of State for Homeland Security
Ministry of Internal Affairs

Dr. Sándor Pintér    Minister
Ministry of Internal Affairs

Dr. Barna György Senyei   President
National Office for the Judiciary

Dr. Tamás Sulyok   President
Constitutional Court

Dr. Mihály Tóth   Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor

Dr. Tamás Tóth    Lieutenant General, chief counsellor of prison service
Hungarian Prison Service Headquarters

Dr. Judit Varga   Minister
Ministry of Justice