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National Institute of Criminology,

2017 work plan




A) Key research topics

First main direction: Society and crime

1.   Understanding the road leading to crime among adult reoffenders committing property crimes
Researchers: Eszter Sárik (projectmaganer), Orsolya Bolyky

2.   Applied criminology
Researcher: Tünde A. Barabás

Second main direction: Security, Public security

3.   Particularly serious culture-specific offences among the European Muslim migrant community
Researcher: Szilveszter Póczik

4.   PoMigra – Political motivated crime in the light of current migration flows (international cooperation)
Researchers: Szilveszter Póczik (projectmaganer), Eszter Sárik

5.   Current security issues for sporting events, the enforcement of bans on visiting sporting events
Researchers: László Tibor Nagy (projectmaganer), György Vókó

6.   Participating in the MargIn – Tackle Insecurity in Marginalized Areas international project
Researchers: Tünde A. Barabás (projectmaganer), Ákos Szigeti

Third main direction: Crime control

7.   Judicial case law on juvenile delinquency
Researcher: Ágnes Solt

8.   The practical implementation of the Digital Child Protection Strategy in schools, focusing especially on abuse occurring in a virtual environment
Researcher: Katalin Parti

Fourth main direction: Outstanding or dangerous crimes and perpetrators

9.   Suicide among criminals sentenced to actual life imprisonment
Researcher: Ágnes Solt

10.   Drug smugglers in Hungary II.
Researcher: Ildikó Ritter

11.   Current domestic characteristics of violent sexual crime (section III.)
Researchers: György Virág (projectmaganer), Katalin Parti, Judit Szabó

12.   Longitudinal study of criminals sentenced to actual life imprisonment
Researchers: Ágnes Solt (projectmaganer), Szilvia Antal
13.   Myths of violence among students participating in police officer training
Researchers: Katalin Parti (projectmaganer), Rebecca Hayes

14.   The characteristics of and trends in homicides according to criminal statistics
Researcher: László Tibor Nagy

15.   Law enforcement issues and criminological characteristics of homicides committed by negligence
Researcher: Orsolya Bolyky

Research outside the main directions

16.   Foundations of criminology in Hungarian criminal law III.
Grouping of criminal offences according to objective factual elements
Researcher: Ádám Mészáros

17.   French criminal law institutions I.
Researcher: Ádám Mészáros

18.   Review of crime
Researcher: József Kó

19.   Experiences of criminal proceedings against animal cruelty between 2012 and 2016
Researcher: Katalin Tilki

20.   Criminal proceedings in theory and practice I.
Researcher: Anna Kiss

B) Research projects initiated by the prosecutor’s offices

B/1. Research commissioned by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office

21.   Difficulties in the classification of corruption offences in the light of the relevant guidelines of the Prosecutor General's Office, as well as the challenges in latency, detection and proof of these crimes
Researchers: Klára Kerezsi (projectmaganer), József Kó
22.   Theoretical and analytical review of criminal cases launched in relation to illicit use of the human body
Researchers: Tünde A. Barabás (projectmaganer), Judit Szabó
23.   Role of the plaintiff and the victim in criminal proceedings
Researcher: Anna Kiss

B/2. Research commissioned by the County Prosecutors’ Offices


Review of theoretical issues and the practice of restorative work
Researcher: Eszter Sárik


Practical application of a community work sentence
Researcher: Klára Kerezsi 


Practical application of situationally justifiable protection
Researcher: Ádám Mészáros 


Sentencing for animal cruelty in practice
Researcher: Katalin Tilki 


Practical experiences of the asset recovery procedure since the introduction of the institution
Researcher: Gabriella Kármán 


Victims with specific defence needs: a tendency for children and the elderly to become victims. Statistics and reality
Researcher: Tünde A. Barabás 


Delimitation issues of breaches of the rules of waste management
Researcher: Renáta Garai 


Financial and procedural issues of illegal migration
Researcher: Anna Kiss 


Difficulties in proving sexual crimes committed by juvenile offenders
Researchers: György Virág (projectmaganer), Katalin Parti, Judit Szabó 


Listening to children at certain stages in criminal proceedings
Researchers: György Virág (projectmaganer), Katalin Parti, Ágnes Solt 


Investigation of the perpetrators of offences related to the closing of borders with regard to citizenship,
country of origin and age, and related procedural issues
Researcher: Szilveszter Póczik 


Difficulties in proving offences related to the misuse of new psychoactive substances
Researcher: Ildikó Ritter


The relationship between drugs and crime - the causes of reoffending
Researcher: Ildikó Ritter 




Law enforcement measures for the protection of cultural property
(Collaborative research with the Doctoral School of Police Science at the National University of Public Service)
Researchers: Gabriella Kármán (projectmaganer), Klára Kerezsi