Last workshops at OKRI, 2017


25th October

László Tibor Nagy: A particular violent crime against property: the plundering


27th September

Gabriella Kármán: The legal and organizational framework for the expert evidentiary procedure as the guarantees of the credibility of the expert opinion


14th June

Krisztina Farkas: About the acceleration of criminal proceeding in the light of international experiences


31th May

Ildikó Ritter: Critical elements of legislation of psychoactive substances


26th April

Migration from Hungary into other countries of EU – motives, tendencies and impacts on social security


22nd March

Prof. Lyu Qing (People’s Public Security University of China – PPSUC):
The reform of criminal process in the transitional modernalization of China


22nd February

Orsolya Bolyky – László Tibor Nagy – Ágnes Solt – Judit Szabó: The practice of life imprisonment


18th January

Renáta Garai: Criminal law aspects of domestic violence





Last workshops at OKRI, 2016 

24th February

Petronella Deres: Usury offenses in Hungary

23rd March

Ágnes Solt – Szilvia Antal: Life imprisonment

13th April

The experiences of the criminal procedures started from January 2006 concerning damaging nature of the „Natura 2000’ areas

20th April

Sexual Violence – Myth and Reality

25th May

Legal and public safety issues of sport hooliganism outside sports facilities

22nd June

Szilveszter Póczik: International migration and security based on theory and practical experiences

28th September

Judit Szabó: Risk assessment in the criminal justice system

26th October

Ferenc Irk: Green Criminology

17th November

Law application practice in cases of life imprisonment and condicional release

30th November

Eszter Sárik: Religion, values and criminal deviancy among juveniles








Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


29th November

Szilveszter Póczik:

ISIS as a political an social phenomenon on global importance

The workshop is held in Hungarian.
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