Lectures and presentations of researchers in 2016


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Petra Bárd

17–18 November, Strasbourg, Europa Council
Reinforcing the EU dimension of HELP

16 November, University Goethe, Frankfurt
Title of presentation: Fundamental Rights Protection in the EU

15 November, University Goethe, Frankfurt
Title of presentation: Theories of European Legal Integration

Katalin Parti

24–25 November, University of Cologne, Köln
Symposium on Social Inequalities and Education of Marginalized Young People
The title of presentation: Restorative practices at school: promises and pitfalls
Interactive workshop: Restorative practices at school

15–19 November, New Orleans
Annual Conference of American Society of Criminology
The title of presentation: Hungary on the map of anti-cyberbullying initiatives: How do students, parents, and teachers manage and prevent cyberbullying?

5–8 November, New Orleans
Annual Conference of International Bullying Prevention Association 




Tünde A. Barabás

18 October, Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem (National University of Public Service), Budapest
Title of presentation: Introduction to criminology




Szilveszter Póczik

5–7 September, Eltville, Deutschland
POMIGRA – Politically motivated crime in the light of current migration flows - MEETING 1
Organiser: Bundeskriminalamt, Deutschland
Title of presentation: Preliminary Country Report, Hungary




Petra Bárd

25–26 August, CEU, Budapest
Undergraduate Summer Conference 2016: Fresh from Law School: Voices of a New Generation
Panel I - Criminal Justice in the 21st Century
Chair: Petra Bárd

Katalin Parti

30 August – 1 September, Magyar Igazságügyi Akadémia (Hungarian Academy of Justice), Budapest
Title of training: Investigation and Prosecution of Internet-Facilitated Intellectual Property Crimes




Tünde A. Barabás

15 June, Barcelona, Spain
XI. Spanish Criminology Conference
Title of presentation: Dissemination and exploitation of MARGIN findings

13 June, Barcelona, Spain
Departament d’Interior
Title of presentation: The Dissemination and Exploitation Plan of MARGIN Project

Katalin Parti

június 5–7., Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts, US
8th International Conference on Global Education
Title of presentation: Bullying at school and the education system

Szilveszter Póczik

29 May – 2 June, University of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary
Kriminologie des Terrorismus - Sechster Kriminologischer Sommerkurs
Organiser: Max Planck Institut f. auslandsiches u. internationales Strafrecht
Title of presentation: Ausländische freiwillige Dschihadisten aus Osteuropa in Syrien




Tünde A. Barabás

19 May, PPSUC, Peking, China
Title of presentation: Hungarian Victimisation Surveys

19 May, PPSUC, Peking, China
Title of presentation: The position of criminology in the Hungarian education




Katalin Parti – Judit Szabó

20 April, OKRI, Budapest
Title of conference: Sexual Violence – Myth and Reality
Organiser: Katalin Parti
Title of presentation: Szabó Judit – Parti Katalin: Rape myths in Hungary: Preliminary findings from a research project on violent sexual crime

Petra Bárd

7 April, European Parliament, LIBE Commission, Brussels
An EU mechanism on Democracy, the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights
Presentation Interim European Added Value Assessment and research papers,
Title of presentation: "Assessing the need and possibilities for the establishment of an EU Scoreboard on Democracy, the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights" [study presentation]




Szilveszter Póczik

14–16 March, Budapest
EENeT – Subgroup Meeting 2016
Organiser: EENeT / CEPOL
Title of presentation: New results of the research on Hungarian foreign foghters in Syria




Katalin Parti

11 February, American Corner, Budapest
Title of presentation: Cyberbullying





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