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Andrea Tünde Barabás (Ed.):

Research on the Roots of Unsafety and Fear of Crime in European Cities



The perception of insecurity is an important problem for today’s European societies. This is especially true of large cities, where a large proportion of the population live and therefore where the problems are concentrated.
The basic need of individuals and communities is to feel safe in the places of their everyday lives. The image of security is shaped by a number of factors, such as fear of crime, possible previous victim experiences, the quality of the living environment, the orderliness of the neighbourhood and transparent and illuminated spaces as well as a predictable economic environment, fear of unemployment and illness, social relations, or even a marginalized social situation.
The need for security is becoming ever stronger nowadays, while globalization challenges the authorities and citizens alike in new previously unknown situations.
This is a book dealing with one of the most urgent and most controversial issues for European countries, by addressing the questions related to the perception of insecurity among the populations of big cities.

[National Institute of Criminology, Budapest, 2018, p. 202, ISBN: 978-963-7373-25-1]

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eu borito

Petra Bárd

Az európai elfogatóparancs Magyarországon /
The European arrest warrant in Hungary




”The volume is of great value to all scholars and students interested in the application of the European arrest warrant, the operation of mutual recognition based instruments and criminal cooperation between the EU Member States in general. Eurojust comes across European arrestwarrants concerning crossborder and organized criminality on a daily basis. Therefore, the author’s endeavour is a particularly useful theoretical and practical addition to the recognition and overcoming of obstacles when applying the legal institution.”

László Venczl
National Member Hungary, EUROJUST

[OKRI, Budapest, 2015, p. 241, ISBN 978-963-89468-9-8]


bt responsibility

Tünde Barabás – Borbála Fellegi – Szandra Windt (Eds.)

Responsibility-taking, Relationship-building
and Restoration in Prisons’




„The concept of restorative detention […] is an exciting new paradigm which offers a way out of the penal cul-de-sac. Practitioners have led the way; now researchers, such as those int the MEREPS project, are illuminating and consolidating (and when necessary constructively criticizing) their work. This book should inspire both researchers and practitioners to take the process forward.”

Dr. Martin Wright
Former director, Howard League for Penal Reform

[Publisher: OKRI, Print: P-T Műhely, Budapest, 2012]


  Victims1 borito    Victims2 borito 

Ferenc Irk (ed.):

Victims and Opinions

Vol. I–II


 [OKRI, Budapest, 2004]









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