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National Institute of Criminology,

2019 work plan




A) Research projects initiated by the Institute

  1.   The theoretical and practical issues related to the statutory definitions that penalise child labour and the prevention of the exercise of visitation rights (Sections 209 and 210 of the Criminal Code)
Researchers: Ádám Mészáros (projectmaganer), Bernadett Csapucha

  2.   Topical issues of criminal liability IV Breaking through liability based on culpability, and vicarious liability in criminal law
Researcher: Ádám Mészáros

  3.   The foundations of the theory of crime in Hungarian criminal law V. Factual elements not included in the statutory definition
Researcher: Ádám Mészáros

  4.   Issues of the detection and examination of domestic violence
Researcher: Renáta Garai

  5.   Understanding the road to crime among adult re-offenders
Researchers: Eszter Sárik (projectmaganer), Orsolya Bolyky

  6.   PoMigra – Political motivated crime in the light of current migration flows – Retrospection to trends, researches, findings and practical experiences concerning the PoMigra-relevant research fields until today
Researchers: Szilveszter Póczik (projectmaganer), Eszter Sárik

  7.   The criminological examination of the situation of women committing homicide on their newborn babies II
Researcher: Ágnes Solt

  8.   The application of increasingly strict punishments in the case of drug trafficking
Researcher: Ildikó Ritter

  9.   The security issues of sporting events, with special regard to the preparations for the UEFA EURO 2020 European Football Championship
Researcher: László Tibor Nagy

10.   Robberies from the aspects of criminal law and criminology
Researcher: László Tibor Nagy

11.   Trends in the data of international crime
Researcher: József Kó

12.   The relationship between inflation and offences against property
Researcher: József Kó

13.   Longitudinal study of convicts serving actual life imprisonment
Researchers: Solt Ágnes (projectmaganer), Antal Szilvia

14.   Victimisation and attitudes to fear: an empirical study among university students
Researcher: Tünde Barabás

15.   Characteristics and trends of crimes committed by women
Researchers: Tünde Barabás (projectmaganer), György Virág, Ákos Szigeti

16.   Criminal psychology II.
Researcher: György Virág

17.   Effectiveness and legality in the European enforcement of sanctions, with particular regard to the fight against recidivism
Researcher: György Vókó

18.   The changing role of the victim in relation to the new legal institutions of the Code of Criminal Procedure III.
Researcher: Anna Kiss

19.   The changing role of the victim in relation to the new legal institutions of the Code of Criminal Procedure
Researcher: Tünde Barabás, Anna Kiss 


B) Research projects initiated by the prosecutor’s offices

B/1. Research commissioned by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office


The international regulation of integrity analyses; practical measures following integrity analyses with a positive result, in view of the investigation practices and the case law; the comparative analysis of these and the Hungarian experiences
Researchers: Krisztina Farkas (projectmaganer), Klára Kerezsi


Typical problems and effective methods in detecting and proving criminal offences committed using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and criminal offences committed on the Darknet
Researcher: Katalin Parti


Issues of the detection and examination of the crime of damaging the natural environment
Researcher: Katalin Tilki


Analysis of cases involving cruelty to animals closed by a final judgment of acquittal
Researcher: Katalin Tilki


The special features of cases of human trafficking; the analysis of exploitation form the aspects of criminal law, criminology and sociology
Researchers: Szandra Windt, Petronella Deres


International cooperation in obtaining evidence
Researchers: Gabriella Kármán (projectmaganer), Krisztina Farkas


Expert evidence in view of the application of the law (analysis of the perspectives of experts and practitioners)
Researcher: Gabriella Kármán

B/2. Research commissioned by the County Prosecutors’ Offices


The time series analysis of detected traffic offences committed under the influence of alcohol, in the light of the provisions of Act IV of 1978 and the new Criminal Code
Researcher: Ildikó Ritter


Sentencing practices of the courts in criminal cases brought for human smuggling after the outbreak of the migration crisis
Researchers: Szilveszter Póczik (projectmaganer), Orsolya Bolyky, Eszter Sárik


The involvement in crime of persons with disabilities and psychiatric patients, and the impact of this in view of the practice of establishing that certain acts were committed against persons who are unable to defend themselves or express their will, or whose ability to prevent a criminal act is diminished due to their old age or disability
Researcher: Orsolya Bolyky


The legal and criminological aspects of the criminal offence of harassment
Researchers: Eszter Sárik (projectmaganer), Orsolya Bolyky


The application of the law in relation to the felony of child pornography, with particular regard to juvenile offenders
Researchers: Judit Szabó (projectmaganer), Bernadett Csapucha


Views on the felonies of sexual exploitation and the sexual violence in national practice, with particular regard to the definitions of ‘sexual act’ and ‘exploitation’
Researcher: Renáta Garai


The impact of personality disorders – in particular psychopathy – on criminal liability
Researcher: Judit Szabó


The expected impact of developments in the vehicle industry (e.g. self-driving vehicles, security systems etc.) on traffic offences II.
Researcher: Anna Kiss


The incorporation of the so-called communication rule of the Code of Criminal Procedure into the language of criminal law used by the prosecution service
Researcher: Anna Kiss 


 C) Research projects initiated by the Scientific Board



D) Task completed within the framework of cooperation

Research projects initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture: 


The legal and criminological examination of hunting accidents
Researchers: Orsolya Bolyky (projectmaganer), Eszter Sárik

Research projects initiated by the Hungarian Prison Service Headquarters: 


The assessment of visitation as a means of reintegration
Researcher: Ágnes Solt




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