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National Institute of Criminology,

2023 work plan


Research projects initiated by the Institute


1  The criminal law and criminology examination of extortion
        Researcher: László Tibor Nagy
        Contributor: Gergely Koplányi

2  Problems of proving sexual violence in the procedures before charges are pressed
         Researcher: György Virág (projectmanager), Judit Szabó
         Consultant: Petronella Deres

3  Minor victims, detection difficulties, home environment and detection rates in domestic violence
         Researcher: Ágnes Solt
         Consultant: Orsolya Bolyky

4  National characteristics of operational intelligence on illicit substances
         Researcher: Ildikó Ritter

5  The phenomenon of trafficking in human beings in the shadow of the Covid19 pandemic and the attitudes of law practitioners
         Researcher: Szandra Windt

6  Identifying compaNies and Victims in the Exploitation phase to disRupt the financial business model of adult and child labour Trafficking (INVERT) (international tender)
         Researchers: Tünde A. Barabás (projectmanager), Szandra Windt

7  The Hungarian practice of judging the offences of damage to nature (Section 242 of the Criminal Code) based on the evaluation of the implementation of the EU Directive on the protection of the environment through criminal law [SWD(2020) 260 final]
         Researcher: Katalin Tilki
         Consultant: Anna Kiss

8  Criminology in Hungary: development and opportunities
         Researcher: Tünde A. Barabás

9  The domestic and international perception of armed crime, with particular reference to the phenomenon of knife crime
         Researcher: Petronella Deres
         Consultant: Gergely Koplányi

10  Methodological problems of file processing
         Researcher: József Kó

11  Longitudinal study of criminals sentenced to actual life imprisonment
         Researcher: Ágnes Solt

12  Domestic characteristics of online drug trafficking
         Researcher: Ildikó Ritter

13  Age characteristics of offenders for each type of crime
         Researcher: József Kó

Research projects initiated by the prosecutor’s offices

14  Cases of the burden of proof on the accused: practical experience of the application of the reversed burden of proof in the context of confiscation of property [Section 74/A (1) and (2) of the Criminal Code]
         Researcher: Gabriella Kármán

15  The practice of the grounds for exclusion of criminal liability under Section 19 of the Criminal Code in connection with unlawful acts committed by victims of trafficking in human beings and forced labour under coercion and threat
         Researchers: Szandra Windt (projectmanager), Anna Bőczné Neparáczki

16   The profile of a typical money-laundering offender in Hungary: the personal circumstances of the accused and their possible role in becoming an offender
         Researchers: Judit Szabó (projectmanager), József Kó

17  The role of the agreement with the person subject to the proceedings in the court decision – possibilities in the domestic legal order, different solutions in international practice
         Researcher: Anna Kiss

18  The possibilities of recovery of pecuniary losses in criminal cases of budget fraud: the compensation by the offender [Section 396(8) of the Criminal Code], the confiscation of assets and the proportion of assets recovered by the tax authority and the avoidance of double confiscation/payment in criminal proceedings
         Researchers: Gabriella Kármán (projectmanager), Petronella Deres
         Consultant: Renáta Garai

19  The handling of seized electronic data and the protection of personal data, the procedural status of a copy of seized data and its fate in criminal proceedings
         Researchers: Renáta Garai, Anna Kiss

Tasks completed within the framework of cooperation

Research projects initiated by the National Police Headquarters:

20  Fraud offences against customers of financial institutions in the online space
         Researchers: Eszter Sárik (projectmanager), Petronella Deres
         Contributor: Gergely Koplányi

21  Sentencing for animal cruelty in practice
         Researcher: Katalin Tilki
         Consultant: Anna Kiss

22  Offences against property that result in violence (in particular such offences against the elderly)
         Researchers: Orsolya Bolyky (projectmanager), Eszter Sárik
         Consultant: László Tibor Nagy

Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


28 November

National Institute of Criminology – Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies

Current issues on confiscation (recovery) of criminal assets

professional-scientific conference


The event is held in Hungarian.



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