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National Institute of Criminology,

2021 work plan


A) Research projects initiated by the Institute

1.   The dogmatic issues of the criminal offence of endangering a minor and the related dilemmas of the application of the law
   Researchers: Tünde A. Barabás (projectmanager), Bernadett Csapucha

2.   The means available in the Hungarian criminal justice system for protecting minor victims
     Researchers: Anna Kiss (projectmanager), Bernadett Csapucha

3.   The peculiarities of criminal offences related to the cyberspace in Hungary
     Researcher: Petronella Deres

4.   The tools of criminal law for taking action against the counterfeiting of medicinal products
     Researcher: Gabriella Kármán

5.   Theoretical and practical issues relating to the new Criminal Procedure Act
     Researchers: Anna Kiss

6.   The relationship between pedophilia and the sexual offences committed against children
     Researchers: György Virág (projectmanager), Judit Szabó

7.   Expert evidence in the light of the application of the law
     Researchers: Gabriella Kármán (projectmanager), József Kó

8.   The effect of natural disasters and epidemics on developments in domestic violence: the criminological characteristics of the changes and the possibilities of preventing and addressing them
     Researchers: György Virág (projectmanager), Judit Szabó

9.   Transport and nature conservation
     Researchers: Ádám Mészáros (projectmanager), Katalin Tilki

10.   Doubt and certainty in criminal law
     Researcher: Ádám Mészáros

11.   Increasing Mutual Trust and Transparency Cultural Goods Trade (in the event of a successful application)
     Researchers: Gabriella Kármán (projectmanager), Krisztina Farkas

12.   The risks of the victimisation of people with disabilities and the elderly in residential institutions and other closed institutions
     Researcher: Orsolya Bolyky

13.   Characteristics of old-age criminality
    Researcher: Ildikó Ritter

14.   An empirical study of robberies
    Researcher: László Tibor Nagy

15.   Longitudinal study of convicts serving actual life imprisonment
    Researcher: Ágnes Solt

16.   The assessment of contact rights as a means of reintegration
    Researcher: Ágnes Solt

17.   The examination of the primary and secondary social effects of the Covid-pandemic, with particular regard to certain forms of crime
    Researchers: Szilveszter Póczik (projectmanager), Orsolya Bolyky, Eszter Sárik

18.   Domestic violence in the light of the case law (enforcement and effect)
    Researcher: Renáta Garai

19.   The examination of the sociological background of homicide committed against one’s parent
    Researcher: Ágnes Solt

20.   Abuse of performance-enhancing substances
    Researcher: Ildikó Ritter

21.   Domestic violence and the responses of the system. Child abuse
    Researcher: Ágnes Solt

22.   The systemic examination of the international refugee crisis that started in 2015 and the social reactions to it from the perspective of international law, domestic law and criminology
    Researcher: Szilveszter Póczik

23.   The social perceptions of harassment committed from personal motives
    Researcher: Eszter Sárik

24.   The criminological and sociological characteristics of child prostitution
    Researcher: Szandra Windt

25.   Law enforcement models for increasing the effectiveness of action taken against trafficking in human beings
    Researcher: Szandra Windt

26.   The identification of victims and the exploration of exploitative organisations in order to eradicate the model of forced labour for sexual or work purposes (INVERT) (in the event of the success of an international application)
    Researchers: Tünde A. Barabás (projectmanager), Szandra Windt


B) Research projects initiated by the prosecutor’s offices


27.   Securing assets subject to confiscation or to the forfeiture of assets, and assets that serve as a security of a civil claim and are located abroad
     Researcher: Petronella Deres

28.   The limits of using the results obtained through covert surveillance in Hungarian judicial practice
     Researcher: Krisztina Farkas

29.   The limitation of the right of access to documents based on the interpretation of the law by the Court of Justice of the European Union
     Researcher: Krisztina Farkas

30.   Issues of the protection of animals through criminal law
     Researcher: Katalin Tilki

31.   The criminological nature of criminal offences committed by professional members of the police in an official capacity
     Researcher: József Kó

32.   The analysis of the agreements entered into in mediation procedures conducted after 1 July 2018
     Researcher: Renáta Garai

33.   The criminological and sociological background of criminal offences committed against vulnerable people
     Researchers: Tünde A. Barabás (projectmanager), Orsolya Bolyky, Szandra Windt

34.   The effectiveness of the representation in criminal proceedings by guardians ad litem of victims without legal capacity in criminal proceedings
    Researcher: Anna Kiss

35.   Participation in the implementation of the research project entitled Corruption risks? Risks of Corruption? (Hercule application) (1 January 2021 – 30 April 2022)
    Researchers: Klára Kerezsi (projectmanager), Krisztina Farkas, Szandra Windt


 C) Task completed within the framework of cooperation

Research initiated by the State Audit Office of Hungary and the Department of Corruption and Organised Crime of the Prosecutor General’s Office:

36.   The indicators of criminal acts of corruption. Phase II: Development of indices for cases that reach the prosecution service
     Researcher: Klára Kerezsi (projectmanager), József Kó



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