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National Institute of Criminology,

2024 work plan


Research projects initiated by the Institute


1   Characteristics of violent offence against property
          Researcher: Nagy László Tibor

2   Artificial intelligence and violent crime
          Researchers: Virág György, Solt Ágnes

3   Security at sporting events and safety experiences
          Researcher: Nagy László Tibor

4   Morphological changes in offences against property in the 21st century
          Researcher: Kó József

5   Domestic characteristics of counterfeiting medicines
          Researcher: Ritter Ildikó

6   Changes in the attitudes of enforcing judges towards the benefits of parole and reintegration custody over the past 10 years
          Researcher: Solt Ágnes

7   Experiences of the Hungarian application of Regulation 1805/2018 (EU) on the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders (on the basis of a request from the RECOVER international project)
          Researchers: Kármán Gabriella, Deres Petronella

8   Identifying compaNies and Victims in the Exploitation phase to disRupt the financial business model of adult and child labour Trafficking (INVERT international project)
          Researchers: Barabás A. Tünde (kutatásvezető), Windt Szandra

9   Ex-post review of the jurisprudence of the offence of domestic violence I. (rejection of complaint, termination of investigation)
          Researcher: Garai Renáta

10   The relationship between the rights of the accused and the rights of the victim
          Researcher: Kiss Anna

11   The phenomenon of trafficking in human beings in the shadow of the Covid19 pandemic and the attitudes of law practitioners
          Researcher: Windt Szandra

12   Investigation and enforcement practice of violation of legal liabilities relating to keeping dangerous animals and dangerous dogs (Section 359 of the Criminal Code)
          Researcher: Tilki Katalin

Research projects initiated by the prosecutor’s offices


13   New forms of offences, trends and tendencies in online crime
          Researchers: Barabás Tünde (kutatásvezető), Deres Petronella, Sárik Eszter

14   Smuggling of human beings as a service: tracing the money trail, the possibilities of confiscation of assets in the hawala system and in European case law
          Researchers: Deres Petronella, Kármán Gabriella

15   The procedural status of migrants transported by traffickers in European case law
          Researchers: Windt Szandra, Kiss Anna

16   Reasons and motives leading to terrorist acts and threats of terrorist acts in the light of domestic practice
          Researchers: Tilki Katalin, Kó József, Szabó Judit

17   Characteristics of the offence of mistreatment in official proceedings in law enforcement institutions and police custody
          Researchers: Bolyky Orsolya, Ritter Ildikó

18   Investigating the causes and sociological background of violence against persons entrusted with public functions in children’s homes and schools
          Researchers: Sárik Eszter, Bolyky Orsolya, Solt Ágnes

19   Dogmatic issues and problems of law enforcement in the field of child pornography in the light of the changed legal situation
          Researcher: Szabó Judit

20   Nature of redress accepted in mediation
          Researcher: Garai Renáta

21   Regulation of restraining orders in the light of case-law experience
          Researcher: Garai Renáta

22   Reasons and considerations leading to the failure to reach a settlement on the side of the defendant and the prosecution
          Researchers: Kiss Anna, Kármán Gabriella



Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


29 May

Internal professional forum

The life imprisonment
without parole

Presenter: Ágnes Solt


The event is held in Hungarian.

The event is not open to the press!

(until 22 May 2024)



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