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National Institute of Criminology,

2022 work plan


A) Research projects initiated by the Institute

1.   Characteristics of juvenile crime today
   Researchers: Eszter Sárik (projectmanager), Orsolya Bolyky

2.   The phenomenon of trafficking in human beings in the shadow of the Covid19 pandemic and the attitudes of law practitioners
     Researcher: Szandra Windt

3.   The domestic and international perception of armed crime, with particular reference to the phenomenon of knife crime
     Researcher: Petronella Deres

4.   Feeding back lessons from criminal proceedings into the strategy against counterfeit medicines
     Researcher: Gabriella Kármán

5.   Characteristics of cyberspace-related criminal offences in Hungary
     Researcher: Petronella Deres

6.   The current state of reintegration of offenders in Hungary since the entry into force of the new Penitentiary Code
     Researcher: Judit Szabó

7.   Questions of social and criminal law evaluation of frozen immobility as a possible behavioural response to sexual violence
    Researchers: György Virág (projectmanager), Judit Szabó, Zsolt Szomora

8.   The impact of education on crime
     Researcher: László Korinek

9.   Criminology in Hungary: development and opportunities
     Researcher: Tünde A. Barabás

10.   The criminal law and criminology examination of extortion
     Researcher: László Tibor Nagy

11.   Trend analysis of criminal offences against life
     Researcher: József Kó

12.   Characteristics and implications for the criminal justice system of the appointment of forensic experts and the evaluation of their opinions
     Researchers: Gabriella Kármán (projectmanager), József Kó

13.   Victimisation in the online space
    Researcher: Tünde A. Barabás

14.   The Hungarian practice of judging the offences of damage to nature (Section 242 of the Criminal Code)  based on the evaluation of the implementation of the EU Directive on the protection of the environment  through criminal law [SWD(2020) 260 final]    
    Researcher: Katalin Tilki

15.   Domestic characteristics of online drug trafficking
    Researcher: Ildikó Ritter

16.   Criminal offences against the national tobacco shops
    Researcher: Renáta Garai

17.   Risks of victimisation of disabled and elderly people in residential care and other closed institutions
    Researcher: Orsolya Bolyky 

18.   Longitudinal study of criminals sentenced to actual life imprisonment
    Researcher: Ágnes Solt

19.   Some links between the Covid19 pandemic and crime
    Researcher: Eszter Sárik

20.   Abuse of performance-enhancing drugs
    Researcher: Ildikó Ritter

21.   Domestic violence and the responses of the system. Child abuse
    Researcher: Ágnes Solt

22.   The criminological analysis of jihadists and terrorists in Europe
    Researcher: Szilveszter Póczik

23.   Law enforcement models to increase the effectiveness of the fight against human trafficking
    Researcher: Szandra Windt

24.   The emergence of solidarity with victims in criminal proceedings and its impact on decision-making
    Researcher: Anna Kiss


B) Research projects initiated by the prosecutor’s offices


25.   Criminal law protection of animals
   Researcher: Katalin Tilki

26.   Corruption risks? Risks of Corruption? (Hercule III application) research (1 January 2021 – 30 April 2022)
   Researcher: Tünde A. Barabás (projectmanager), Szandra Windt, Eszter Sárik

27.   Effective techniques for proving the absence of the occurrence of economic events in the field of budgetary fraud
     Researcher: Renáta Garai

28.   Exploring the sociological background and the criminological dimension of what is called ‘child trafficking’ by international and EU standards
     Researcher: Szandra Windt

29.   The impact of epidemiological rules on the rights of participants in criminal proceedings (The impact of transitional rules facilitating the avoidance of personal appearance and the decision on the basis of documents on the fundamental procedural rights of participants in criminal proceedings)
     Researcher: Anna Kiss (projectmanager), Anna Neparáczki

30.   The regulation and application of juvenile detention in Hungary and other Member States of the European Union (comparative study)
     Researchers: Eszter Sárik (projectmanager), Orsolya Bolyky, Anna Neparáczki





Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


25 January

Presenter: Katalin Tilki

Issues of criminal protection of animals
Poisonings against protected and highly protected animals





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