Last workshops and conferences at OKRI, 2019 


30th October

László Tibor Nagy:

The interpretation of the apparently anti-social conduct in criminal cases of public nuisance


16th October

Renáta Garai – Ágnes Solt:

Domestic Violence

– conference –


10th October

Renáta Garai – Ágnes Solt:

Domestic Violence

– conference –


27th September

Technological Modernization and Criminal Law

– conference –


25th September

Gabriella Kármán – Judit Szabó:

Experiences with the application of the polygraph in light of the findings of an empirical research


29th May

Gábor Zoltán:

Hate crimes in historical perspective


8th May

Gábor Szászvai-Papp – Péter Fridvalszky:

Presentation of recent modifications in the Standard Criminal Statistics of Investigation Authorities and Prosecutors and in the Representation of Prosecution Information System

24th April

Klára Kerezsi:

Beyond Common Sense: Security-related dilemmas in police science


27th March

Judit Szabó:

Criminological study of sexual violence against persons under the age of twelve

28th February

Hate crime and hate speech:
Lessons learned and countering activities in Europe with special regards to Italy

– international conference –

30th January

József Kó:

Actual questions of crime statistics



Last workshops and conferences at OKRI, 2018 


28th November

The New Criminal Procedure Law in the Practice

– conference –


24 October

Katalin Parti – Robin Robinson:

Reasons of Underreporting Sexual Violence – Research in Hungary


26 September

Renáta Garai:

Legal practice of the crime of infringements of waste management regulations

30 June

Krisztina Farkas – Anna Kiss:

The System of the Criminal Procedure according to the new Criminal Procedure Act II.


30 May

Krisztina Farkas – Anna Kiss:

The System of the Criminal Procedure according to the new Criminal Procedure Act I.


23 May

Robert Meadows (California Lutheran University):

What makes people violent and what to do?


25 April

Current security issues of sports events, in particular ban from visiting sports events (conference)

20 April

Drug trafficking, growers and couriers in Hungary (conference)


28th March

Ágnes Solt:

The Child-friendly Justice


7th February

Szilveszter Póczik – Eszter Sárik:

Some results of the international PoMigra research


31st January

Tünde A. Barabás – Gergely Koplányi – Ákos Szigeti:

Insecurity issues and their solutions in two neighbourhoods of Budapest



Last workshops at OKRI, 2017


29th November

ISIS as a political an social phenomenon on global importance

25th October

László Tibor Nagy: A particular violent crime against property: the plundering 

27th September

Gabriella Kármán: The legal and organizational framework for the expert evidentiary procedure as the guarantees of the credibility of the expert opinion

14th June

Krisztina Farkas: About the acceleration of criminal proceeding in the light of international experiences

31th May

Ildikó Ritter: Critical elements of legislation of psychoactive substances 

26th April

Migration from Hungary into other countries of EU – motives, tendencies and impacts on social security

22nd March

Prof. Lyu Qing (People’s Public Security University of China – PPSUC):
The reform of criminal process in the transitional modernalization of China

22nd February

Orsolya Bolyky – László Tibor Nagy – Ágnes Solt – Judit Szabó: The practice of life imprisonment

18th January

Renáta Garai: Criminal law aspects of domestic violence





Last workshops at OKRI, 2016 

24th February

Petronella Deres: Usury offenses in Hungary

23rd March

Ágnes Solt – Szilvia Antal: Life imprisonment

13th April

The experiences of the criminal procedures started from January 2006 concerning damaging nature of the „Natura 2000’ areas

20th April

Sexual Violence – Myth and Reality

25th May

Legal and public safety issues of sport hooliganism outside sports facilities

22nd June

Szilveszter Póczik: International migration and security based on theory and practical experiences

28th September

Judit Szabó: Risk assessment in the criminal justice system

26th October

Ferenc Irk: Green Criminology

17th November

Law application practice in cases of life imprisonment and condicional release

30th November

Eszter Sárik: Religion, values and criminal deviancy among juveniles








Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


26th February

Petronella Deres – Szandra Windt:

The Characteristics of Cases of Trafficking in Human Beings

  The event is not open for the Public.  



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