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Dr. László Tibor Nagy PhD
Head of Division, Senior Researcher, Chief Counselor
Crime Research & Analysis Division    

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 Main research subjects 

»  Violent crime
» Homicide
» Sport/footballhooliganism
» Sport policing
» Rowdysm
» Sentenced to life imprisonment
» The nightlife safety issues

 Current research projects 

2015    The ustawka and it’s criminal judgment
2013/14   Study on homicide on more than one person
2012   Jurisdictional issues and the safety of sports events
2012   The safety issues concerning partying young people
2011   Social criminality aspects of violence in the football stands Hungary
2011   The situation of violent crime in the clubs of the capital
2010   Analysis of violence against persons fulfilling public duties
2009   Statistical peculiarities of the homicides since the 1960s until today
2008   Empirical research on convicts sentenced to life imprisonment

 Professional experiences 


National Institute of Criminology

2012–   Head of division, Crime Research & Analysis Division
2006/12   Deputy Head of division, Crime Research Division
1998/2006   Project leader, Crime Research Division
1978/98   Researcher, Crime Research Division
1985/87    Research assistant, Crime Research Division

 Education and courses  

2009   PhD, Faculty of Law, Miskolc,
Theme: The criminal and criminological aspect of delinquency of rowdyism character
1987   Special legal exam

Master’s degree in Law
Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of State and Law

 Professional Awards and Honors 

2010   Prosecutor General Certificate of Recognition
2003    Diploma of Successful Activity


2015–   Hungarian Football Federation Safety Commettee – member
2011–   Rating Sports Events Safety Committee – Representative of the Prosecutor General's Office
1996/2011   Foundation for Forensic Development Activities - member of the board of trustees, representative
1994–   Police Hungarian Public Securty Foundation Supervisory Commettee – member
1986–    Hungarian Society of Criminology - member

 Language skills 

English language – intermediate
Russian language – intermediate







PhD, Faculty of Law, Miskolc, 29 Sept 2009

PhD Course, Faculty of Law, Miskolc, 2008





Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


8 March


Topic: Artificial intelligence and crime

expert round table discussion


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