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József Kó

Crime Research & Analysis Division      

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 Main research subjects 

»  Crime statistics
» Crimes against property
» Economic crimes
» Fear of crime
» Victims survey
» Populations attitudes of crime

 Current research projects 

2015    Hungary victimization survey
– with Tünde Barabás & Ákos Szigeti
2014   Ethnic records of international crime statistics
2014   Methodological problems of the victimological research conducted among legal entities
2013   Criminal prognosis 2020
– with Géza Finszter, Ferenc Irk, Szandra Windt, Ágnes Solt
2012   The economic rationality of crime
2011   Sectional, criminological investigation of Juvenile boys in Budapest 
– with Klára Kerezsi
2010   The price of crime, and the costs of the criminal justice
– with Klára Kerezsi, and Szilvia Antal
2009   The longitudinal cohort studies international and domestic linkages and history
– with Klára Kerezsi
2008   The economic crimes and the financial institutions
2008   The DADA is 15-year-old
– evaluation of police prevention program, with Klára Kerezsi
2007   The effectiveness of the juvenile justice system: juvenile inmates follow-up examination of recidivism aspect
– with Klára Kerezsi
2007   The regional distribution of prostitution in Budapest
– with Zsolt Németh
2007   Trend analysis of crimes against property
2006/07   A "There is a way out! Partnership for detainees" in conducting international research, empirical study
2006   The effect of films to the youth cognitive-emotional world
– The effect of the youth films cognitive-emotional world, with Iván Münnich
2005/06   The role of rules of conduct required under the probation resistant to crime prevention
– with Klára Kerezsi
2005   Criminological analysis of the effects of usury
– with Szilveszter Dunavölgyi
2005   Examination of the attitude of the media players in relation to drug use
– with Iván Münnich
2004   Empirical research related tasks of the "InSec"
– international research in the WP2, WP3 chapter, with Ferenc Irk
2003/04   Empirical research tasks of the "Victims and opinions"
– survey with Ferenc Irk

 Professional experiences 

1993–   Researcher at the National Institute of Criminology
1987/93    Assistant at the Department of Sociology Medical University, Budapest

 Education and courses 

2015    PhD course University of Miskolc

MA Budapest University of Economics Sciences
Special studies: Sociology and Education

 Language skills 

English language – intermediate
Russian language – intermediate



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Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


12 June

Internal professional forum

Relationship between the accused and the victim

Presenter: Anna Kiss


The event is held in Hungarian.



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