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Ildikó Ritter 

Researcher, Social politician
Crime Research & Analysis Division

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 Main research subjects 

» Drugs and crime
» Sport and crime
» Poverty and crime

 Current research projects 

2016    Drug Smugglers – qualitative research
2016   The etiology of relationship between drugs and crime – statistical analyses
2014/16   New challenges in the drug market - the indicators of application of the law on new psychoactive substances-crimes
2014/15   Study on effectiveness of alternatives to coercive sanction in Hungary
2014   Youth Crime Prevention study among high school student in XII. district of Budapest
2013   Infections and fears in penal institutions
2012/13   The abuse of narcotic drugs statutory definition of impact assessment
2012/13   2011 legislative changes made to curb the impact assessment sport hooliganism
2011   Drug Dealer careers II.
2011    Characteristics and stratification of the national football fan culture - fears, experiences and opinions
2011    Social exclusion and school
2010    The amphetamine supply market in Hungary
2010    Drug Dealer’s  Life Path – Criminal Careers I.
2007    Analysis of attitudes of Police towards  drug use and drug users
2006    Drug Abuse and Driving
2005    Roma Youth and Drugs

 Highlighted publications 

    Ildikó Ritter: Prosecutors on the seesaw
Manuscript. Budapest, 2013 

 Professional experiences 

1998–    National Institute of Criminology – researcher
2003/12   Foundation for Healthy Youth – programme manager
1999/01   Ministry of Youth and Sport, Deputy State Secretary for Drug Coordination – fellow worker
1993/96   Child Welfare Service of the Ferencváros – social worker
1991/92   No. 4. Institute of Juvenile Correction of Ministry of Welfare – educator

 Education and courses 

1990/95 Eötvös Loránd University, Department of social Policy
social policy and judicial social work

 Scholarships and Awards 

1997/98   Hungarian Scholarship Comittee, University of Oslo, Institute of Criminology
1994/95    Tempus Scholarship, University of Gent (Belgie), Social Policy Department

 Professional Awards and Honors  

2014   Sertificate of Outstanding Scientific Activity (OKRI)
2004   Award of Elige Vitam


English – fluently
Norwegian – basic


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Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


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Topic: Artificial intelligence and crime

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