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Dr. Ágnes Solt PhD 

Senior Researcher
Crime Research & Analysis Division

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 Main research subjects 

» Hungarian Prison Service, imprisonment and life imprisonment
» Effects of long-term and life imprisonment
» Child and youth vulnerability
» Links between mentality, self-concept and the process of socialization
» Poverty and social exclusion

 Current research projects 

2013/16    „Case-study with a real life imprisoner”
2010/22   „Longitudinal study of inmates sentenced to real life imprisonment”
2010   „The inmate subculture and the order of the total institution”
2010   „Life chances and criminal inclination of endangered youth”
2009   „A study on the mentality of people living in segregated settlements”
2009   „Aggression among inmates: causes and consequences”
2009   „Social and criminological contexts of international human trafficking involving Hungary”
2008   „An empirical research on real life imprisonment”
2007   „A mapping of the Child Protection System, its functioning and anomalies”
2004/06   „Risk and criminalizing factors in childhood and adolescence.Youth on the edge”

 Professional experiences 

   National Institute of Criminology
2013–      senior researcher
2008/13  research fellow
2007/08   Ministry of Justice and Law, Department of Prevention and Statistics
Child and Youth priority apporteur-general
2007   Ministry of Justice and Law, Institute of Police and Crime prevention, Assignment for research in Child protection and teaching in the Crime Prevention Academy
2005/06   Ministry of Interior, Directorate of Training, Institute of Police and Crime Prevention, associate
· Main activity: Independent research: “Youth on the verge of criminality”
· Other activities: Writing studies, Investigations in the area of youth protection and crime prevention, organizing workshops and presenting on professional conferences
2004/05   Police College Hungary, Police Managers’ Training, Advanced Training and Research Institute, Department of Research Organization, rapporteur-general

 Education and courses 

2013   PhD
Title of Thesis: „Risk and criminalizing factors in childhood and adolescence. Youth on the edge”
2005/08   PhD course, ELTE Department of Sociology
2003   MSc in Sociology, summa cum-laude, ELTE Department of Sociology
Major: Deviance
Title of Thesis: Genders and Norms. Domestic Violence in the Mirror of Media
1998/2000   Hungarian Institute of Graphology
1996   Video Recording and post-production editing exam – Mass communication dept. of Szent László secondary school

 Educational activities 

2006/07    guest lecturer 
ELTE Department of Politology and Sociology
   » Disadvantaged youth – lecture
   » The Process of Socialization – lecture
   » Life Stories – methodological seminar
   » Criminal youth – seminar
   » Life Stories II. – methodological seminar
2006/07   Crime Prevention Academy
Lectures with the following titles:
   » Deviance theories 
   » Socialization 
   » Youth on the verge of criminality

 Language skills 

Spanish language – Intermediate “B”
English language – Intermediate “C” (Pitman intermediate ESOL, SESOL)

 Special skills 

trainer, teamcoach, facilitator



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Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


28 November

National Institute of Criminology – Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies

Current issues on confiscation (recovery) of criminal assets

professional-scientific conference


The event is held in Hungarian.



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