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Balkan Criminology Network

In 2017 Hungary was honored to arrange the 4th Annual Conference of the Balkan Criminology Network. The conference will take place at the National Institute of Criminology from the 21st of September until the 24th of September in 2017, with the title: ‟Victimology and Victim Protection in the Balkans”.

Please find the final program of the 4th Annual Conference of the Max Planck Partner Group for Balkan Criminology

The Balkan Criminology Network (BC Network) has been established in January 2013 jointly by the Max-Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law and the Zagreb Faculty of Law. The aim of the establishment was to create a forum which encourages productive dialogue in between the experts of criminology within the Balkan region, as well as to conduct common criminological regional researches for university lecturers and researchers. There is a strong need to connect and interlink all the present research potential – from the Balkans as well as from outside, due to the fact the numerous activities and projects implemented work fragmented in our region. The BC Network is the first group which is able to represent the region in scientific terms, though it is obvious that we lots of common features both in geographic and political terms, which urges the common thinking mainly in such a sensitive topic as criminology.

So the Balkan Criminology Network initiates common comparative researches. These examinations have already started in different topics. The first issue covered by the BC Network was the history and education of criminology in the Balkan region. In 2015 the scientific group concentrated on the hottest questions of imprisonment, the following year’s discussion went on to describe the phenomenon of violence.

In the year of 2013 and 2014 the Conferences were held at the Zagreb University, in 2015 in Sarajevo at the Faculty of Law, and the 3rd Annual Conference took place at Bucharest University.

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Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


28 November

National Institute of Criminology – Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies

Current issues on confiscation (recovery) of criminal assets

professional-scientific conference


The event is held in Hungarian.



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