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Political motivated crime
in the light of current migration flows


PoMigra (Political motivated crime in the light of current migration flows – a transnational situation report and development of practical prevention measures) is a joint international cooperation project of eight European countries, initiated by the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany and funded by the Internal Security Fund from the European Union – German National Program ISF. It intends to support prevention of extremism and deradicalisation as well as improvement of protection of the people from politically motivated crime. The project started with the kick off meeting in September of 2016. In this project, scientific institutes and research units from security agencies are participating, among others the Terrorism/Extremism Research Unit at the Federal Criminal Police Office, Germany, the Masaryk University, Czech Republic and the National Institute of Criminology, Hungary, represented by two researchers, Dr. Szilveszter Póczik and Dr. Eszter Sárik.




Workshops at National Institute of Criminology


12 June

Internal professional forum

Relationship between the accused and the victim

Presenter: Anna Kiss


The event is held in Hungarian.



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